Claire und Alejandro

Claire und Alejandro

The props for these two aerial acrobats are two vertically hanging straps, known as strapaten, elegantly dangling from the circus dome. They prove to be a reliable pair not only in the air but also on the ground. Together, they impress with strength, elegance, and a harmonious symbiosis in their captivating performance. As part of the Braunschweig Christmas Circus, they present their impressive act for the first time in Germany. Immerse yourself in a world full of grace and aerial acrobatics that will make the audience's hearts soar!

Braunschweiger Weihnachtscircus

Event Venue

Due to technical reasons, the location of the Braunschweig Christmas Circus has changed.

New Venue: Schefflerstrasse 36, 38126 Braunschweig, Dobbelino Circus Grounds

Parking opposite the circus: Park-and-Ride Rote Wiese

Highway 39 Exit 33 Braunschweig-Südstadt/Heidberg

All tickets remain valid.
Wilhelmshöhe 2-4
38173 Sickte

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