Perche Act

Perche Act

The two talented Polish artists present a rarely seen form of artistry - a breathtaking perche performance. The base skillfully balances a long pole on his forehead and shoulder, while his partner, at the other end, showcases acrobatic feats at a dizzying height of 9 meters under the circus tent. This impressive performance represents a double counterbalance and demonstrates the absolute highest level of difficulty. Experience the mastery and artistic virtuosity of these exceptional artists at the Braunschweig Christmas Circus!

Braunschweiger Weihnachtscircus

Event Venue

Due to technical reasons, the location of the Braunschweig Christmas Circus has changed.

New Venue: Schefflerstrasse 36, 38126 Braunschweig, Dobbelino Circus Grounds

Parking opposite the circus: Park-and-Ride Rote Wiese

Highway 39 Exit 33 Braunschweig-Südstadt/Heidberg

All tickets remain valid.
Wilhelmshöhe 2-4
38173 Sickte

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