Mathieu Clown

Experience the radiant star comedian at the Braunschweig Christmas Circus! Unique presence, enchanting performances, and festive brilliance – an unforgettable show full of laughter and wonder!

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Bolas Duo Milton

Breathtaking precision: Artists whirl bolas in a high-speed dance with millimeter accuracy around themselves. Impressive precision and skillful, albeit not without risk, performance make their act at the Braunschweig Christmas Circus a true masterpiece.

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Lasso Gala Milton

The yearning for adventures in the Wild West comes to life in the fascinating lasso games. Artists master the art of lasso with cowboy precision and surprise with creative variations. The crinoline completes this captivating performance at the Braunschweig Christmas Circus – a show full of nostalgia, adventure, and virtuoso lasso art!

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Victoria Jongleuse

Juggling in perfection: Victoria, trained in a circus family since childhood, presents a high-paced, top-notch juggling act at the Braunschweig Christmas Circus. Her impressive skill is the result of dedication, passion, and a strong family circus tradition.

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Lioudmila Antipodistin

With breathtaking skill and female power, the artist captivates the audience at the Braunschweig Christmas Circus. As a master of antipodism, she balances lying on her back, juggles, and manipulates various objects solely with her feet. An impressive display of artistic virtuosity awaits the audience!

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Duo Alvarez

Unter der Circuskuppel entfaltet sich eine atemberaubende Luftattraktion im Haltestuhl. Der Artist hängt kopfüber und wirft seine Partnerin mit beeindruckender Sicherheit durch die Luft. Garantierte Spannung, Nervenkitzel und artistische Höhepunkte versprechen eine Spitzenleistung der sympathischen Artisten im Braunschweiger Weihnachtszirkus!

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Katie Trapez

The talented Miss Kat transports the audience beneath the majestic circus dome to lofty heights. On the dance trapeze, she presents a captivating performance full of grace and artistic skill with remarkable ease, graceful elegance, and the fascinating sensation of weightlessness at the Braunschweig Christmas Circus!

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Laura Hula Hoop

Hula-Hoop, once a street game for children in the 1930s, is reinterpreted into a fascinating artistic discipline by our youngest artist. With masterful control of the hoops, she creates a breathtaking whirl in the arena. Experience a spectacle full of elegance and dynamism at the heart of the Braunschweig Christmas Circus!

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Perche Act

Breathtaking perche performance at the Braunschweig Christmas Circus! Two talented Polish artists showcase a rare acrobatic act: the base skillfully balances a pole on his forehead and shoulder, while his partner achieves acrobatic feats at a dizzying height of 9 meters. A double counterbalance of the highest difficulty – mastery and artistic virtuosity united!

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Claire und Alejandro

Two aerial acrobats, supported by vertically hanging straps known as strapaten, present a captivating performance at the Braunschweig Christmas Circus. With strength, elegance, and harmonious symbiosis, they impress not only in the air but also on the ground. Immerse yourself in a world full of grace and aerial acrobatics, a spectacle being showcased for the first time in Germany, sure to make the hearts of the audience soar!

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Braunschweiger Weihnachtscircus

Event Venue

Due to technical reasons, the location of the Braunschweig Christmas Circus has changed.

New Venue: Schefflerstrasse 36, 38126 Braunschweig, Dobbelino Circus Grounds

Parking opposite the circus: Park-and-Ride Rote Wiese

Highway 39 Exit 33 Braunschweig-Südstadt/Heidberg

All tickets remain valid.
Wilhelmshöhe 2-4
38173 Sickte

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